IMAN HANZO has been an institution in the electronic music scene for years. His unmistakable style, a balance between melodic techno and afro house, gives his shows uniqueness and creates an unmistakable atmosphere in every venue.
Being the founder of the Art&Brothers artist collective, he revolutionized the Hamburg event scene thanks to his highly innovative and creative event concepts.
Iman Hanzo is resident DJ, musical head and main force behind the Nikki Tiger (ex EGO) in the legendary Talstraße no. 9. Iman’s impulses and concept developments in the music field made the Nikki Tiger into a hotspot and an internationally acknowledged premium booking club for artists in the house and techno genre. His productions and collaborations with leading artists from the universe of the electronic scene enjoy immense popularity and are appreciated and played by legendary artists in metropolises all over the world. With his release “The Journey” on the British label “Wired” he hit number one of the Traxsource charts in the category Progressive House.
In addition, « The Journey » was selected as one of the Top 10 in best Melodic Techno 2019 on Traxsource. His EP “Returning to Life” has been played by renowned artists like “Black Coffee”. With his single « Ayodele », Iman once again made his breakthrough into the Beatport Top 10 Charts in the Afro House category.

Further promising productions and collaborations will follow in the near future.

Iman Hanzo